Faculty of Medicine

Technology Application Unit
Intensive Care Unit, Mount Sinai Hospital, University of Toronto

University of Toronto


Canadian Critical Care Outreach Program

This project involved the evaluation of handheld computers in a spectrum of Intensive Care Units in various parts of Canada. Ten ICU's in 7 provinces participated, with a total of 65 physician-users.

 The objectives of this project were:

1. Evaluate the efficacy of handheld information access.
2. Compare PalmOS devices (Palm M130) with Windows PocketPC devices (Toshiba e130) as an interface for medical information access.
2. Evaluate a handheld application for identifying patients with severe sepsis
3. Collect statistics on patient admissions with sepsis and severe sepsis

Handheld devices, linked via the internet to a central database, allows two-way data transmission. Data transfer occurs using a customized infrared-linked telephone modem, avoiding concerns regarding compatibility of cradles, operating systems and local firewalls.


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